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Manny's Pedigree


CH Hill Country's Baby I'M A Ritz ManPalace's Ritz Man-Poor ManLivvy's Letz Pugalong babyMianda's Rolling StoneMianda's Raleigh GentlemanCH Mianda's Butcher Boy
Mianda's Truly Gritsey
CH Mianda's Southern SunshineCH Kesander's Moondancer
Mianda's Q.T. Doll
CH Glory's Moonstruck WhimsyGlory's Moonstruck HurricaneCH Charlamar's Rodeo Rabbit
CH Glory's Tsunami
CH Glory's Fantasy CheyenneCH Charlamar's Indian Scout
CH Glory's Sadie Hawkins
CH Glorys Fantasy SumbunnyluvsuCH Charlamar's Rodeo RabbitCH Charlamar's Indian ScoutCH Gerrie's Rory Of Charlamar
CH Charlamar's Miss Tooie
CH Charlamar's BrianaCH Ivanwold Touch Of Charlamar
Charlamar's Orange Pumpkin
CH Glory's Cherokee Of FantasyCH Charlamar's Indian ScoutCH Gerrie's Rory Of Charlamar
CH Charlamar's Miss Tooie
CH Glory's Sadie HawkinsCH Dannah's Smokin' Joe
CH Pfau's Lady Gidget Of Gore
Maskarade's Catch Me If You CanCH Maskarade's Thrill RideCH Bowtie's Cruzin' The CircuitCH Shorline's Batteries Not IncludedCH Shorline's Jilliroll
CH Royal A's Our First Lady
CH Rosanna Danna From MiandaCH Mianda's Happy Easter
CH Wejwoods Dot May Tricks
Maskarade's Make Bell EveMaskarade's Dream CatcherBayhill's Maximillian O'Maskarade
Maskarade's Tickle Me Silly
CH Maskarade's Bellair To AtlantisCH Delcrest Bound For Glory
CH Atlantis' Island Girl
Maskarade's D' Blonde BombshellMaskarade's Dream CatcherBayhill's Maximillian O'MaskaradeCH Shijo's Smokin Gun
Maskarade's Life Of The Party
Maskarade's Tickle Me SillyCH Harpers I'm A Corker Of Sumfun
CH Maskarade's Takin Aim O'Buckeye
Maskarade's Hot ShotCH Shijo's Smokin GunCH Shijo's Autumn Knight
Shijo's Tempest In A Teapot
CH Atlantis' Island GirlAtlantis' Stingray
Atlantis's Alacazam



OFA Testing and required breed specific testing completed